When I learned that my father’s advancing kidney disease was taking a severe toll on both his physical and emotional health, we were told he only had two options: begin dialysis within a year and wait three years on a kidney donor list, or receive a live kidney ASAP.  The latter, as expected, was the option that yielded the best success rates.  I knew immediately what I had to do.  After determining that I was a kidney “match” for my dad, I told my parents that I wanted to donate my kidney to my dad – to save his life.
When I found out that you had to be under a certain BMI (Body Mass Index) and pass rigorous health tests to be accepted as a voluntary donor, I felt doomed to fail.  I was overweight, eating unhealthily, and not exercising.  It was then I realized I had a long, challenging journey ahead of me, but one that was necessary, and one that would require help.  I called Jackie – I knew that she was the perfect person to truly help support me in this process.  Jackie is one of the most compassionate people that I know.  Even though I lived over 3 hours away from her, Jackie graciously agreed to help guide me through the process and make lifestyle changes essential to achieve my goal.  We spoke weekly on the phone and even when after our sessions ended, she would send me the information in an email as well as links for additional information, encouragement for me, and invite me to ask questions and keep the conversation open throughout the week.  All of the things I learned were simple enough for me, a beginner on this path, to understand, yet also in-depth enough that I now feel empowered and incredibly knowledgeable.  The sessions covered so many different aspects of a healthy lifestyle, from my emotions attached to my current lifestyle and how to change them, to food and snack choices to make on the run for my busy lifestyle.
After 4 months of working with Jackie, I passed all of the extensive heath testing and donated a very healthy kidney to my father.  One of the best things I can say about Jackie is that through the knowledge she gave me with the support, suggestions, and accountability she offered, I was able to make a switch in my life that helped save two people’s lives: both my dad’s AND mine.  And to this day, when I continue on this path of healthy living, with everything I read, hear at a seminar, doctor’s office, or yoga class, I almost always think to myself… Jackie already taught me that.  Thank you, Jackie, for EVERYTHING!  P.S. My dad thanks you, too 🙂
” -J.K.

Working with Jackie is a dream.  Not only is she exceptionally well informed, but she’s also warm, insightful and supportive.  In her soft-spoken way, Jackie works with you as a true partner in attaining your nutritional goals.  It’s clear to see that she always has your best health in mind, and she’s there to guide you along the way, to help you make good decisions.  Not only did I lose weight while working with Jackie, but more importantly I learned how to eat properly–which I never really understood, even at my thinnest.”  -C.K.

Jackie was a wonderful resource for me.  At the very beginning, when she first started working with my wife and I, she took time to understand how each of our days flowed before reviewing and recommending dietary information.  For me, I could only work-out in the early morning, waking up at 4:30AM to be at the gym by 5AM.  This is because of my commute to my job which takes an 1 hr 45 min each way.  Exercising at night was not an opinion.  Her information about eating took this into consideration.
    Jackie was a compassionate listener but not a push-over.  She was open to feedback and taking a different course but requested we incorporate her recommendations before dismissing them.  She was diligent in follow-up and feedback.  She was flexible with us to make sessions work based on timing and work events.  Even after Jackie’s services were fulfilled, she continued on her own to reach out and ask how we were doing and make suggestions, including providing us with new recipes based on our eating habits.  It is obvious that Jackie is passionate about nutrition and eating well.  She puts into practice in her own life what she advises her patients.” -M.R.

After taking a cooking class at the JCC with Jackie, I decided to surprise my husband for his birthday with private cooking classes. I was also pregnant at the time and wanted to get in the habit of cooking healthy meals at home. Jackie did a wonderful job creating delicious meals for us to learn to cook at home and how to cook similar meals once the baby arrived-when there wouldn’t be as much time. She works with you on creating a three course menu and choosing ingredients that are healthy and not too expensive. She also helped me learn what foods to avoid since my sugar level was high at the time and health benefits of adding certain foods to my diet. She is very hands-on and knowledgeable-providing great cooking tips and even giving a handout of the different recipes after each class. We thoroughly enjoyed our cooking lessons with Jackie, especially eating the delicious meals afterwards! I highly recommend Jackie for anyone looking for private cooking lessons!” -J.S.

I had the pleasure of working with Jackie during my dietetic internship and she is one of the most knowledgeable and passionate dietitians I’ve met. Given her expertise in oncology, I immediately thought of Jackie to give a presentation on Nutrition and Cancer Prevention and Treatment at my place of work. She gave a FANTASTIC presentation! I was blown away by how thorough, engaging and knowledgeable she was on the topic. My colleagues agreed. I received numerous comments from my coworkers saying how great the presentation was and that her information was informative, helpful and interesting. She also presented the content in a clear and concise manner and tailored it to the audience perfectly. She went above and beyond in providing outside resources and answering everyone’s questions clearly and succinctly. I am so grateful Jackie agreed to present and I would recommend her for any nutrition presentation!” -M.A. Health & wellness consultant for top financial firm

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